Our Story

The STS App is Designed for Public Safety Professionals to Create Traceable Records to Track Locations during Emergency Responses

Our team of first responders and EMS professionals has seen the carnage and chaos that can dominate the aftermath of a mass casualty incident. Members of our team witnessed the tragedy of the 2010 Haiti earthquake firsthand, where over 200,000 people lost their lives, including hundreds of disaster relief workers and volunteers. Following the Haiti earthquake, tracking and locating patients and victims proved to be a challenging task due to the widespread destruction of infrastructure and communication networks. The large number of casualties and displaced individuals also added to the difficulty of identifying and locating those in need of assistance.

We recognized the need for non-invasive, reliable, easy-to-use patient tracking technology and tools that could create trackable patient records in seconds. That was the genesis of the STS App.

Deployment Images from the 2010 Haiti Earthquake Aftermath

The STS App was created specifically for first-response teams, enabling them to swiftly generate trackable patient records using non-invasive, first-responder-tailored tools. The app and software are designed to allow for record creation in a matter of seconds.

By utilizing the patient's face as the barcode, first responders can quickly and easily create a traceable patient record by taking a photo of the patient's face.

Our integration of a first-responder-tailored frontend with advanced cloud-based backend technology has resulted in a powerful system.

Now you can empower your first responders, support, and administrative teams with powerful, end-to-end, patient tracking and family reunification technology.

It’s the App that’s ready to respond to any emergency the second you need it.

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Discover how STS can work for your agency.

See how to snap a picture, create a trackable patient record, verify matches, and reunite families with loved ones. During our demo, you will learn about potential grant opportunities to secure federal funding to purchase STS.