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Simple Tracking System (STS) empowers public safety and assisted living facilities to create a trackable record of every patient encountered during an emergency to quantify the number of patients, provide an accurate location and status of any given patient, and reunify individuals with their loved ones.

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With STS, eliminate the triage of tracking – the patient’s face is the barcode in every emergency.

Emergency situations are chaotic and dynamic, public safety needs a patient tracking and reunification solution that is simple, reliable, efficient, and intuitive.

Until now, there was no simple, seamless method for first responders to create a trackable, visual patient pathway.

Our STS app creates a visual patient record allowing public safety professionals to quickly locate patients throughout the continuum of their transport, and emergency care and accurately reunite those patients with their families.

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STS Deploys in a Multitude of Public Safety Use Cases

Emergency Management
Law Enforcement
Assisted Living
Social Services


STS can help organizations account for those impacted by emergencies.

step 1

Snap a photo.

step 2

Create and send patient record.

step 3

Receive in a secured central location.

step 4

Track and match records to reunify victims and survivors with their loved ones.


Our system is simple and easy to use and does not require additional equipment or training.

Participate in a demo today to learn how to:

  • Customize the platform to your organization’s needs
  • Send patient records from the emergency scene
  • Review and verify matched records
  • Geolocate patients throughout the response
  • Reconcile missing persons and reunify families
  • Potential grant opportunities to secure federal funding to purchase STS

What organizations are responsible for patient tracking and family reunification in your jurisdiction? STS can be used to connect all players in a full systems approach.

How to Create Tracking Record