Reunite Family and Loved Ones Following Emergency Situations with the Snap of a Photo

The face is the barcode — Easily and accurately track victims and survivors and reunite them with loved ones.

In countless after-action reports, failures in family reunification continue to be highlighted, from families waiting hours to days for information on their loved ones to families traveling to several locations on their own searching for their loved one to incorrect information being shared about their loved one. Emergency management needs a reliable system in place to quickly and accurately identify victims and reunite families.

Designed by first responders for public safety, STS is your agency's solution to reuniting families and providing peace of mind.

How can Simple Tracking System help your agency?

  • Customize to collect the data your reunification center needs in real-time
  • Scale to various response sizes as well as special events and drills/exercises
  • Collaborate with other public safety entities for full-response tracking and reunification
  • Integrate with existing response systems and records
  • HIPAA-verified to protect the privacy of every patient

STS meets NFPA 3000 Standard for Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response Program 

NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 3000 is a national standard that identifies requirements for public safety Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response Programs. Within NFPA 3000, A.19.5 references the "use of electronic, web-based systems for victim tracking, notification of families and loved ones, and hospital capabilities (i.e., numbers of victims per triage category that can be managed as the incident progresses) should be considered."

With STS and the snap of a photo, families can be reunited quickly and accurately.


After Action Report Quotes

STS was designed as an all-systems approach to emergency response for the fire service, emergency medical services, law enforcement, emergency management, and hospitals.

STS only needs an iOS smart device to track those impacted by an emergency and a computer to upload a digital image of the missing persons to identify and match their location and status following the response.

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Discover how STS can assist your agency.

See how to snap a picture, create a trackable record, identify and locate a missing persons, and reunite families with loved ones. During our demo, you will also learn about facial photos and patient consent and potential grant opportunities to secure federal funding to purchase STS.