Innovative and intuitive technology designed by first responders for use by public safety in a variety of emergency responses.

Phone Capture

First responders generate a digital record on scene in seconds—Simply snap a picture.

In any emergency situation, responders need reliable and simple technology to help accomplish their mission without complication.

With the STS app, create an electronic record on scene with only an image. That record follows the individual through the response, to easily track their status and location, invaluable information for medical facilities, family members, and loved ones. Click here for information on facial photos and patient consent.

sts app collection

The patient’s face is the barcode—Patients are tracked accurately and quickly with image-matching technology throughout the emergency.

For emergencies or mass casualty incidents, a default collection will receive patient records for tracking and matching purposes. For use during a special or planned event, customized collections can be created to track patients associated with that special event. The entire system can be scaled and designed based on the needs of the organization.

Digital Record Sent to Cloud

The record is received by an encrypted, cloud-based database and the patient image and data are wiped from the responder’s device. The entire system is HIPAA-compliant, securing the privacy of every patient.

sts app collections

The patient should be documented at least one additional time during the response, ideally at the final destination to track the patient from the first point of contact to the last. Additional records can be taken anywhere in between.

This record is updated throughout the patient’s journey with new images, geolocation data, and updates to the patient’s status and destination providing invaluable information to the receiving medical facility while providing peace of mind to families looking to locate them.

sts backend desktop map

Database accessible by various discipline representatives for situational awareness to review records and geolocate patient pathways. A single system approach to a multi-agency responsibility.

Situational awareness and assessment are essential during any emergency. This means data and information analytics in real time. Critical geolocation data is generated and transmitted by the STS app. This information will trace every patient’s physical location from the initial point of care to their destination, whether it be a hospital, shelter, or family reunification center.

Enhance reunification efforts with the ability to reconcile potentially missing persons by uploading images to match with records from the response. Feature designed for patients without the ability to communicate, lack of identification or severely injured.

Reunited Family

Export Data

Jurisdictional leaders or agency representatives can export complete records from the event for reporting purposes.

Make updates to fields in real-time, even after the emergency has already begun.

Configure the app with custom fields, collecting the necessary data and information your agency wants in real-time.

sts backend desktop incidents
sts backend desktop duplicates

Additional Features

  • No external equipment is required, including tags, barcodes, or scanners.
  • HIPAA-compliant
  • Encrypted
  • Cloud-based
  • Secured
  • iOS smart device application
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited records
  • Fully scalable.

Learning how to use our system is quick and easy –

Snap a picture, track, and reunify. During our demo, you will learn about potential grant opportunities to secure federal funding to purchase STS.