Track and Locate Your Community's Most Critical Citizens

The face is the barcode - Easily and accurately identify and locate wandering adults, autistic community members, and the homeless to ensure their safety.

Social and human services agencies have the difficult task of managing the needs of our most critical citizens. Oftentimes, these individuals become lost or missing, and it's important for a community to quickly identify who the person is and safely locate them and reunite them with their family or loved ones.

STS can help these agencies manage this process through the development of voluntary community databases to document critical citizens that are then used to identify individuals during an emergency or crisis.

Designed by first responders for first responders, STS is your organization's solution to documenting and locating critical citizens.

How can STS help social services?
Wandering Adults or Autistic Members

  • Create voluntary database of critical citizens within your community
  • Distribute database collection form to citizens and family members for required information
  • Document each citizen with important information to include photo(s), demographic information, emergency contact information, medical information, vehicle information, and other pertinent information.
  • Use database to identify and locate critical citizens during crises or emergencies by matching individuals against their record


  • Create voluntary database of community members without homes
  • Work with citizen to document their information including photo(s), demographic information, contact information, employee information, medical information, possible alternative locations, and other pertinent information
  • Document citizen at their last known whereabouts to identify and locate them in future encounters

With STS, document and locate critical community members during crises or emergencies.

Cold Senior Citizen

STS was designed as an all-systems approach to emergency response for the emergency medical services, law enforcement, emergency management, hospitals, and social services.

STS only needs a computer to document critical community members in a voluntary database and an iOS smart device app to capture their image upon location to quickly and accurately identify who they are and reunite them with their family.

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Discover how STS can work for your community.

See how to upload records to create a voluntary database of critical citizens, create a trackable record in real-time when unknown individual is located, and match that record against the database to identify who they are and how to meet their needs. During our demo, you will learn about potential grant opportunities to secure federal funding to purchase STS.