Manage and Track Witnesses or Arrests Following Large Events or Demonstrations

The subject's face is the barcode — Easily and accurately manage the processing of witnesses or the tracking of mass arrests.

Following an MCI, law enforcement needs the ability to manage and track a large number of witnesses from first point of contact to processing and interviewing active violence incidents that occur at schools, theaters, businesses, malls, box stores, arenas, large outdoor areas, involving numerous people that need to be interviewed.

Additionally, in civil disturbance situations, the ability to locate and track the arrests of a large number of subjects can be difficult amid the chaos.

STS eliminates the need for redundant paperwork by taking these processes virtual.

Designed by first responders for first responders, STS is your department's solution to managing witnesses and mass arrests.

Don't have time or personnel available to interview all witnesses or interrogate all suspects? STS can help!

  • Snap subject photo
  • Capture contact information
  • Prioritize interviewing that subject
  • Document interviewee during follow-up interview to complete process
  • All interviews tracked via cloud-based system

For mass arrest events

  • Ideal for civil disturbances or other dynamic events with large number of arrests
  • Take photo of arrestee at scene
  • Take another photo of arrestee at final destination
  • Scalable to track large numbers of arrestees
  • Know where each suspect was taken into custody and where they are currently

With STS, manage the processing of witnesses or arrestees with the snap of a photo.

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STS was designed as an all-systems approach to emergency response for the fire service, emergency medical services, law enforcement, emergency management, and hospitals.

STS only needs an iOS smart device to create a trackable record of the witness or subject and a computer to access the database where records are received, viewed, and analyzed.

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Discover how STS can work for your agency.

See how to snap a picture, create a trackable record, verify matches, and manage witnesses or subjects. During our demo, you will learn about potential grant opportunities to secure federal funding to purchase STS.