Simple Tracking System at the 2023 Marine Corps Marathon

We’re thrilled to share that Simple Tracking System (STS) was utilized at the recent 2023 Marine Corps Marathon (MCM).

Endurance sporting events require meticulous tracking, especially when injuries occur. STS is the go-to solution for documenting injured athletes seamlessly, ensuring a smooth flow from aid stations to area hospitals. This results in accurate and timely information to race operations and athletes’ family and friends.

Our recent deployment at the MCM saw STS filling gaps where previous tracking systems that fell short. Here’s a glimpse of the impact:

  • Locations: STS operationalized at 6 finish aid stations, 1 local hospital, the race operations center, and 2 medical info kiosks.
  • Records: A total of 332 medical records were documented, tracking 200 injured runners.
  • Transports: STS tracked 10 transports from the event and 10 arrivals at the local hospital.
  • Success Story: STS correctly captured the accurate location of one runner who was transported in critical condition after incorrect information was provided to law enforcement. This timely information ensured the family knew where their loved one was located. 

Traditional systems, relying on barcodes or triage tags, often fall short. They’re prone to damage, require extensive systems and training for personnel, and can be costly. Enter STS, a game-changer in providing situational awareness on injuries and transports during marathons and other endurance sports.

A Poignant Lesson from History:

Reflecting on the Boston Marathon Bombings, where confusion led to heartbreaking miscommunication, emphasizes the critical need for an efficient tracking system like STS. Families and friends deserve accurate information during chaotic and emotional times. 

The 2023 MCM showcased STS as a reliable, efficient, and indispensable tool in the realm of endurance sports events. We’re excited to continue pushing boundaries and contributing to the safety and success of future events. Your continued support fuels our mission to redefine tracking and reunification in dynamic environments.