Halloween: An Alien Invasion Force Has Arrived

This blog is for entertainment purposes only. Simple Tracking System is introduced as an effective technology to a fictious, friendly alien invasion around Halloween.

Notice: Beware

A large but friendly group of aliens from neighboring star systems have arrived with the intention to trick-or-treat for Halloween.

On their arrival to Earth, many alien ships from the mothership became lost and separated. The stranded aliens and their vessels landed in various areas throughout the U.S. where hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and more are highly probable.  

We Need Your Assistance

Using our highly advanced tracking software, Simple Tracking System, please download our app and capture the visage of any encountered alien. This photo record is automatically submitted to create a community registry of “found” aliens to accurately identify unaccounted-for aliens and return them to their galaxies. Each photo record provides the date, time and exact location to account for aliens across the country.

STS is a pivotal tool in natural disasters to account for people and pets during emergencies.

To All Found Aliens

A shelter is open to house missing aliens until accurate identification and safe return. STS will register each temporarily housed alien at the shelter to add to the community registry, tracking the alien’s updated location and status. As UFOs arrive to pick up missing aliens, the STS registry images will match to reunify aliens with the appropriate UFO. Parents of missing aliens may also submit photos of their missing trick-or-treaters to aid in the reunification process.

Otherworldly Applicability

Thanks for helping to track all lost and missing aliens. If you’re curious to witness our extraterrestrial-grade tracking technology in action, why not opt for a personalized demo? Just hit the button below, and let’s embark on a journey to explore the otherworldly functionalities of this tech.

Please have a pleasant and spooky Halloween with more treats than tricks! 🛸👽

How Does Simple Tracking Work?

In any emergency situation, responders need reliable and simple technology to help accomplish their mission without complication. With STS, create an electronic record on scene with only an image. That record follows the individual through the response, to easily track their status and location, invaluable information for medical facilities, family members, and loved ones.