A Castro Valley senior center had to evacuate 19 elderly patients during massive flooding

A senior center in Castro Valley was recently flooded, forcing the evacuation of 19 elderly patients. While everyone was eventually evacuated safely, the situation could have been less stressful and more efficient if the center had used the Simple Tracking System for tracking and reunification of the senior citizens in their care.

The benefits of STS for senior citizens’ tracking and reunification

Simple Tracking System (STS) has been designed to help in the efficient tracking and reunification of senior citizens and elderly people during emergency situations. With its easy-to-use interface, the program provides real-time location updates of individuals in a senior center during evacuations and emergencies, allowing caregivers and emergency responders to quickly locate them and reunite them with their families.

During a flood or other natural disaster, the STS mobile app can help emergency responders track the whereabouts of seniors and elderly patients, and ensure that everyone is safely evacuated. This not only makes the evacuation process faster but also reduces the chances of anyone being left behind or lost in the confusion.

The importance of emergency preparedness for senior centers

While the evacuation in Castro Valley was eventually successful, the incident highlights the importance of emergency preparedness in senior centers. By using STS for tracking and reunification, senior centers can have an effective plan in place to handle any emergency situation, such as a flood, fire, or earthquake.

With STS, senior centers can be better equipped to handle emergency situations, ensuring the safety of their residents and providing peace of mind to their families. Contact Simple Tracking System today to learn more about how the program can help with emergency preparedness for senior centers.

Information and images used in this blog article are sourced from the news article available at https://www.ktvu.com/news/19-elderly-patients-evacuated-from-flooded-castro-valley-senior-center