Law Enforcement Use Cases

Developed by first responders, our novel and intuitive app for tracking and reunification, Simple Tracking System, has a multitude of law enforcement deployments, highlighted below –

Following a mass casualty incident, STS tracks and prioritizes individuals for interviews, especially when follow-up action is required. STS also assists in reunifying witnesses with their loved ones.

During civil disturbances, protests, or riots, STS helps law enforcement track and manage mass arrests. By using STS, law enforcement can quickly and easily locate individuals in custody and keep track of their movements during processing.

STS tracks and manages a community’s most vulnerable citizens to include the homeless, adults and children prone to wandering, and missing person(s). In emergencies, STS identifies and reunifies these critical citizens with their family and friends.

Also use STS during evacuations, drills and exercises, special events, and MCIs when police may transport patients to the hospital.


A novel, inexpensive, and intuitive app for helping emergency services and more with tracking during emergencies.

  • Patient tracking and reunification
  • The face is the barcode
  • Easy to use mapping technology
  • Customizable
  • GPS location/timestamp