Patient Tracking & Family Reunification

Simple Tracking System addresses many of the recommendations provided in the Mass Shootings in American Cities: Mayors’ Experiences and Lessons Learned document, highlighted below.

Hospital Capacity

The surge capacity of area hospitals should be known to planners so that multiple victims requiring treatment are not taken to facilities unequipped to handle them.

Call Center

A call center must be established immediately following the incident to handle the volume of calls seeking a wide range of information on an incident— names and conditions of victims chief among them.

Aftermath: Incident Victims

Following the securing of the incident site, wounded victims must immediately be stabilized, treated on site, and transported to hospitals.

Following the requisite crime scene investigation…the slain victims must be removed to an appropriate facility for identification—by family members or other appropriate persons or by other means.

An emergency response center may be designated to accommodate the identification and processing of fatalities.


A novel and intuitive app for tracking individuals from the emergency scene to safety following any mass casualty incident.

  • Integrate with hospitals to track surge capacity and emergency department availability
  • Provide families with status information on their loved one(s)
  • Track and manage witnesses for processing and interviews
  • Assist in identifying and tracking of fatalities

Assurance for family members and loved ones during and after emergencies and disasters

The United States Conference of Mayors. 2022. Mass Shootings in American Cities: Mayors’ Experiences and Lessons Learned. Washington, DC: Office of Community Oriented Policing Services.