Enhancing Emergency Preparedness for Assisted Living Facilities

As public safety professionals, we understand the unique challenges of emergency preparedness in assisted living facilities. We would like to introduce Simple Tracking System (STS), a comprehensive program designed to address the critical needs of assisted living facilities.

Assisted living facilities often face various disasters such as flooding, hurricanes, power outages, fires, hazardous leaks, and tornadoes that require emergency evacuations. Regulatory bodies require facilities to have emergency preparedness plans to include tracking systems for residents and staff.

That is where Simple Tracking System comes in. STS offers real-time tracking to improve your facility’s emergency response capabilities and ensure the safety of residents and staff. STS tracks residents from the emergency scene and evacuation point to safety, whether that be back home, a hospital or other healthcare facility, a neighboring assisted living facility, or with family. At the same time, STS provides your facility the situational awareness to provide families automated updates about the whereabouts of their loved one as they are moved throughout an emergency. Integration with partnering facilities even allows them access to resident information, location, and medical records should residents be transferred to their care until the resident is able to return home.

To learn more, sign-up for a demo. Our team will showcase the functionalities and discuss the benefits of STS for your facility.

These disaster use cases emphasize the importance of investing in an emergency response system, like STS, that tracks residents and assists in reunification. STS offers the necessary capabilities to ensure the safety and well-being of residents and staff during various emergency situations.

Never lose track of a resident or staff member during a chaotic emergency evacuation, enhance the safety and well-being of your facility with Simple Tracking System. We look forward to supporting your emergency preparedness efforts.

How does Simple Tracking System Work?

In the context of assisted living, ensuring a seamless response in emergency situations is of utmost importance. With STS, you can effortlessly create an electronic record using an image of each resident at your facility. This record accompanies the individual throughout the response, allowing for easy tracking of their status and location. Such invaluable information not only benefits medical facilities but also provides reassurance to family members and loved ones, enabling accountability, coordination, and peace of mind during chaotic times.