Nuclear Meltdown Drill Focuses on Mass Decon, Evacuation of Thousands

As reported by EMS1, West Hartford Fire Department and Emergency Services Division held a drill last month to activate the town’s emergency shelter at Conrad High School, in the event that the town had to assess, decontaminate and accommodate people who had to evacuate the area near the Millstone nuclear power plant. The exercise included about 150 staff and volunteers, as well as role-players, portraying evacuees. The evacuation site is designed to handle up to 3,500 evacuees. Once decontaminated, evacuees were registered, then evaluated for needs. Some may have been in need of assistance in finding temporary living spaces, reuniting with family, or medical needs.

Streamline Evacuation Tracking

With an evacuation of this size, it may be difficult for departments to manage, document, and track evacuees throughout the decontamination, registration, and follow-up processes. Simple Tracking System is designed to help public safety entities track evacuees from the first point of contact through registration and follow-up action to reunification.

Customize the system to collect the data your agency needs in real-time and gain situational awareness as to where evacuees are within the evacuation process, to include who has been decontaminated, who needs medical care and why, and who needs to be located by their family or loved ones. Through image matching technology as well as geolocation, STS can easily locate an individual by photo and provide the necessary status and whereabouts of an evacuee on-site. STS also links family units together as they arrive at the evacuation site to show a relational connection between individuals to ensure they are accounted for together.

STS is completely scalable and can handle small evacuations to large-scale evacuations, such as the one described in the drill above, and integrate with partnering agencies and response systems. Following the event, all of the data can be exported for further analysis and reporting purposes.

When using STS, your agency gains full situational awareness of a large evacuation with insight into the number of evacuees on-site, registered, decontaminated, medically treated, and/or in search of their families.

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